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Plastic Man Manufacturers

Plasticman is situated in the quaint town of White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa, the heartland of the fruit and nut agricultural industry.

Our company specializes in the manufacturing and supply of high quality HDPE piping and LDPE piping, as well as a vast ranges of irrigation products from plastic pegs to micro and drip irrigation, not to mention all high pressure, insert fittings, clamps and related products.

We also manufacture Universal Crate and Racking Systems designed for all types of fruits and vegetables, not to mention fishing industry. Our Racking Systems are unique as they are used everywhere and anywhere, from warehouse to workshop, farm stall to garage, no racking system is more versatile and cost effective than these!

The Leading Plastic Product Manufacturers and Distributors in Mpumalanga

From plastic chairs, to irrigation piping fit for the tough farming industry, Plasticman does it all.

Plasticman is Mpumalanga’s leading plastic product provider. Along with being focused on serving the farming industry with plenty of our products being manufactured for irrigation purposes. But along with ensuring that the local farming industry has everything it could possibly need to get through a hard business day, we also supply a wide variety of plastic products to the public.

Plastic chairs, crates, and buckets can be found, all at affordable prices, both in our online store and at our physical shop.

As plastic wholesale providers in Mpumalanga, our clients can look forward to a wide range of products that will meet their specific requirements. Our selection of versatile plastic products are suitable for all sorts of plastic storage while our plastic piping products are ideal for heavy industry farms and home irrigation setups.

Our piping and other various products made for irrigation, are our best sellers. Those in search of full irrigation systems, plastic pipes and the necessary fittings, HDPE pipes, LDPE pipes, pipe fittings, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation systems, and everything else needed to DIY or maintain an irrigation system, will find everything they need at Plasticman.

Our popular products

Plastic Chairs

One of the most sought after products has to be the plastic chair. In White River, and Mpumalanga as a whole, plastic chairs are used for both permanent and temporary seating, and when manufactured using the best quality plastic, it is a product that you will have for many years.Plastic chairs have an affordability factor, which means they are far cheaper than buying wood or metal products, they are made to be lightweight and really easy to move around even if that move is from one location to another, they are just about unbreakable and they won’t easily crack, and they are available in all sorts of colours. These chairs can be used in the garden or in a conference or arena setting. This versatility is certainly a reason why plastic chairs are so popular. Plastic chairs in White River and the rest of Mpumalanga are available from our online store or from our shop.

Farming Irrigation

Being in such an important part of South Africa’s farming industry means we are able to supply the various farms with the irrigation accessories needed to keep the water flowing, even to the most difficult to reach places. Our HDPE pipes and LDPE pipes are Mpumalanga’s finest and although we predominantly serve the White River area, our products are available online and delivery can be arranged to wherever it is needed. Our best selling products for the farming industry include drip irrigation system accessories, soaker hoses, pipe fittings, drip irrigation accessories, accessories for furrow irrigation, and the necessary bits and pieces for micro irrigation. In Mpumalanga, and White River in particular, these products are used on fruit farms of all kinds.We’ve manufactured our products so that they are incredibly affordable and can be ordered in bulk, a solution that is ideal for bigger farms in need of wide spread irrigation.

Plastic Storage Crates

From sturdy plastic buckets capable of safely containing whatever it is that you need stored, even liquids, to plastic crates, we have the storage solutions you need. Our plastic buckets in Mpumalanga and plastic crates are available in Mpumalanga and can be bought via our online shop.We also stock a colourful selection of plastic basins, which are available in a number of different sizes. Our plastic buckets and crates in White River are ideal for home, office and farm use. They are made from a tough but safe plastic and have a long lifespan, which means you can enjoy many years of great use from the products we supply.An in-house product that we have available is the NICE brand. It includes a selection of crates, chairs and buckets, all carefully made for a long term use.  Our NICE crates can be stacked and packed away for neat storage. These crates can be used to packed macadamia nuts and other agricultural produce while it is also easily used in the home.Plasticman has it all. As the foremost provider of plastic products, we’ve made it our mission to assist our clients with all of their plastic product requirements. And although we primarily serve the White River/Nelspruit area, our plastic products are available to clients throughout Mpumalanga.

How to order plastic products from Plastic Man

With our newly launched online store, all of the products listed on our online shop can easily be bought and paid for via our website. It is as easy as selecting the product you want and then either adding it to your online cart, or requesting a quote. For more information about our products, you can view the information side of our website, which is separate to our web store.

Many of our products come in different sizes, so it is important that you make the selection that is most appropriate to your specific needs. This is especially the case if you are ordering piping or anything else used for farming irrigation purposes.

Should you need any other information from our team, or if you have a very specific plastic requirement, you can get in touch with us and we will assist you in any way that we possibly can.

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